City portraits in colour and rhythm

Sato Shintaro, from “Night lights” (1992-1994)

Sato Shintaro (b. 1969) is a Japanese photographer who has long been engaging in a visual exploration and portrayal of his home-city of Tokyo. His images mirror the character he finds in his city. Densely structured, between chaos and order. Each is carefully planned, into pictures of streets and cityscapes heavily filled with signs, billboards, buildings, shop fronts, apartment complexes, parking lots, glowing lights, colours and rhythms.
Night lights was published in 2000 and focuses on streets in Tokyo and Osaka. His second book, Tokyo twilight zone was published in 2009 and shows meticulously constructed above ground views, onto back streets and “behind-the-scenes” outlooks of the city.
Both bodies of work are currently on show on his site.