More than Violet

Julia Peirone, Nike, 2010 and Signe, 2010

Stockholm based artist Julia Peirone’s work explores several creative processes such as visual deconstructions and collages, video, installations and photography. Her images present an interesting theme of reconstruction, reconstruction of body, of spaces, of being, of the relationship with and between people, within the space of her artistic process.
From her work, i would especially like to mention and highlight the series of portraits of female teenagers (Violet Vertigo, 2008 and More than Violet, 2010 and 2011) and images of bodies against a black background (Blackberry Bloom, Cherry Burst and Electric, 2008). i think these series are excellent and very lucid approaches to the exploration of the relationship between photographic image and personal representation, as performance, and so couldn’t help but be immediately drawn to them.
They are also, of course, very captivating images in themselves.
Peirone’s web-site contains images from her works and installation views of several of her exhibitions.